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Updating software on your phone

Why do you need to update the software on your phone.

manufactures produce software updates for mobile phones for two main reasons. Firstly to bring the user improvements or additional features and improve the overall all user experience, and secondly to fix bugs and errors which can periodically occur within the software interface. Unless you particulay want to take advantage of an improvement or have a software issue you want to overcome, we wouldnt advise you necessanly upgrade the software as you cant go back once the upgrade is complete and this can be problimatic if you dont like the changes


Updating your software.

If you have been recommended to update the software by us or have taken the decision to do it yourself then this page will help you to update it. Generally speaking, the update should appear as a prompt option in the settings of the phone but if not, you can download the relevant software to your computer here and update your phone via the USB cable.

Please note - We would reccommend that you back up your handset in order to safe-guard your data prior to updating the software.