IPhone iOS 13.6 – New Features and Tips

iPhone iOS 13.6 – New Features and Tips

We love keeping up with the latest smartphone tech, and when it comes to groundbreaking ideas and innovations, you can’t look much further than Apple. With each update and product, what is possible on a mobile device seems to grow. Not only that, but how we operate our phones seems to get more straightforward and intuitive after every release!

When Was Apple iOS 13.6 Released?

While many eyes are already looking towards the iPhone 12 and subsequent iOS 14, Apple is still producing notable updates to their existing systems.

iOS 13 was initially released in September 2019, alongside the iPhone 11. However, its most recent update, iOS 13.6, was released as recently as this month, July 2020. In this latest update were some notable new features, along with additions to some of our favourite apps.

In this article, we look at the new features found in iOS 13.6, and also provide tips for making the most of your iOS 13 device!

iOS 13.6 – What’s New?

iOS 13.6, as with many Apple updates, is full of small bug and security fixes. However, some additions provide new features and possibilities for your smartphone!


The most significant addition in this latest update is the support for electronic car keys. For a while, iPhones have had Apple Wallet, allowing for the use of contactless payment. However, as the technology enters the vehicle market, it’s now possible for some people to do a similar thing with their vehicles!

Currently only operating in partnership with BMW, Apple CarKey gives you the ability to unlock your vehicle with a paired smartphone or Apple Watch, and then start it by placing your device in a compartment, removing any need for a physical key!

CarKey also comes with a range of control features for your vehicle, allowing you to do more than ever before. Features include giving other iPhones access to your car key, revoking access and setting restrictions on other drivers, perfect for learners and shared cars.

A blue BMW car in a city


A small update has also come to the Apple Health app, allowing people to monitor and record any symptoms they may be experiencing. The exact purpose of this feature isn’t entirely clear, but it could help people explain how they have been feeling to their doctor if they are suffering from a persistent illness.

Apple News

It has long been reported that Apple is hoping to expand its media offering, and Apple News is set to play a significant role. This latest update to iOS 13.6 offers a new feature to the subscription-based Apple News+, allowing people to listen to news stories as opposed to just reading them.

White Apple products including an iPhone, AirPods, Mac and Pen

Key Features of iOS 13

If you’re thinking about getting an iPhone and want to discover the latest features, check out this list of some of the most notable features you can find in iOS 13!

Dark Mode

One of the most prominent features on iOS 13 is the inclusion of Dark Mode. This feature allows you to turn Apple’s signature white background into a dark grey, making it more comfortable on the eyes in dark environments. Dark Mode can be triggered manually or set to turn on at night.

A black iPhone with its screen turned off against a black background

Sign in With Apple

One of Apple’s big selling points over the last few years has been its privacy, especially compared to Google’s Android. iOS 13 introduced a ‘Sign in with Apple’ feature, allowing people to use their favourite apps with reduced risk of data tracking or email spam.


Every Apple update has something new to add to their excellent photography offering. While adding more features and changing the makeup of their editing suite, iOS 13 also added a new Photos tab, with curated folders to neatly store your precious memories.


While CarKey is the latest development, iOS 13 already came with an array of features for connected vehicles. A new car dashboard layout allows for more control and visibility for music, maps and more while driving.

Other iOS 13 Features:

  • New, more detailed Maps with 3D experience.
  • Siri improvements, including Siri Shortcuts.
  • More Memoji customisation and usage options.
  • New Reminders app for improved personal notifications.
  • Faster phone unlocking and app launching.

What’s the Next iOS Update?

There is a growing expectation that 13.6 could be the last ‘major’ update before iOS 14 drops. Stacked with new features including widgets, app libraries and more small windows, iOS 14 will launch this autumn, likely alongside the new iPhone 12.

An iPhone on a wooden table with a hello white screensaver

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