Everything You Need to Know About the Samsung Galaxy A90

Everything You Need to Know About the Samsung Galaxy A90

For years, Samsung has been the go-to brand for smartphone users who don’t want an iPhone. Known for their high-end specs, the Galaxy range has continually pushed the technological boundaries, providing crisper visuals, better cameras and stronger performance with each model.

Nowadays, however, competition in the Android phone market is fierce. Brand such as Huawei, Google and Sony are now offering high-end devices of their own, each with features and selling points that provide newfound competition to Samsung.

As a result, Samsung has now released a much wider selection of devices to cater to a range of audiences – one reason why there are now so many great refurbished Samsung phones with no contract!

One such example is the A90, a futuristic phone which offers excellent power at the expense of other features.

Samsung Galaxy A90 Overview

Name: Samsung Galaxy A90 (5G)
Released: 2019
Platform: Android
Chipset: Snapdragon 855
Storage: 128GB
Screen Size: 6.7 Inches
Resolution: 1080 x 2400 pixels
Rear Camera: Triple (48MP wide, 8MP ultrawide, 5MP depth)
Front Camera: 32MP

5G Ready

The big selling point of the A90 is that it’s ‘5G-ready’, meaning it can connect to the 5G mobile network. With 5G being rolled out in major cities across the world, this feature will appeal to people in these locations but might come a bit too early for everyone else.


A More Affordable High-End Device

People using 5G smartphones at a concert

Samsung already has a selection of devices that are marketed for the early 5G market. These include Samsung’s flagship models, such as the Galaxy Note 20, S20, some foldable smartphones and the Tab S7+.

The Galaxy A90, by contrast, is Samsung’s ‘budget’ 5G device. While in the grand scheme of mobile devices, this is still an expensive device, compared to its 5G counterparts, it offers more affordability.

Sleek Build with Great Screen

Those seeking a ‘top of the range’ device will be pleased by the look and feel of the Galaxy A90. With a glass front and back, the phone has a glossy, bulky finish which doesn’t look out of place alongside the latest smartphones.

The screen also provides this high-end feel. Measuring in at 6.7 inches, the Super AMOLED screen offers visuals that are in keeping with the device’s luxury finish.


High-End Performance

On the inside, the phone comes with all the hardware you’ll need to enjoy the power of 5G. The Snapdragon 855 chipset is just below what you’ll find in the best phones and is more than enough to handle any games or movies you want to throw onto your device.

128GB of internal storage also means that you’ll have more than enough space to store everything you need. Given how this phone is designed for 5G, you will be able to take advantage of cloud features for any extra storage you require.


Triple Camera

As with many of the latest mobile devices, the Samsung Galaxy A90 comes with a triple-lens rear camera. To keep the overall price down, however, the camera quality has been reduced, especially compared to the high-end models.

While the triple-lens rear camera isn’t quite as high-end as the rest of the phone, it will be enough for those who are only looking to take the occasional snap to share with friends. The phone does also come with a good-quality 32MP selfie camera.

Is the Samsung Galaxy A90 Worth Buying?

For many people, whether to buy the A90 or not comes down to how much you want and can use 5G. If you are not in a location that will have 5G networks anytime soon, then this is perhaps a phone to miss.

However, if you can use 5G, then there are reasons to consider this phone. This device is notably cheaper than most 5G-ready smartphones and comes with a high-end feel and performance.

While the camera is disappointing when compared to the excellent standards now set, it does a decent job and is the trade-off when it comes to getting a more affordable 5G device with high-end specs.


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