Apple Event 2020 - What Can We Expect?

Apple Event 2020 - What Can We Expect?

People had been expecting some sort of Apple event this month, and earlier this week it was finally announced. ‘Time Flies’ is the tagline for the event, which will be able to be viewed online on 15th September.

September is usually the biggest month for Apple in terms of product launches, but this year has been unlike any other. If you’re hoping to buy a refurbished iPhone X once the latest model is released, you may have to wait a little longer!

Here, we’ve sifted through all the rumours and speculation to see what you can (and can’t) expect from Apple’s event next week.

Apple Watch 6

The Apple Watch

Some Apple experts were actually waiting for an Apple Watch release on the day this event was announced. That, and the tagline ‘Time Flies’, indicates that we will almost certainly see the next iteration in Apple’s wrist tech next week.

Unfortunately, those looking for something groundbreaking are unlikely to find it in the newest Apple Watch. Rumours mainly suggest that the Watch will look the same as its predecessors, and the changes under the bonnet will be slight.

The main addition to the Watch’s features is expected to be the ability to track blood sugar levels, which is already a feature in competitor watches. There are rumours about increased sleep monitoring capability, but this is mostly speculation.

One small rumour that could potentially be of interest is the introduction of a budget Apple Watch to replace the Series 3 range. However, this is also seen as unlikely.

iPad Air 4

Somebody using an iPad Pro with stylus

The tagline ‘Time Flies’ also leads people to believe an announcement on the fourth iteration of the iPad Air.

The new iPad Air is expected to push the range closer to the iPad Pro, removing the home button in favour of a full-screen display. It is also expected to ditch the lightning port in favour of a USB-C connection, in line with other Apple products.

There are many other rumours surrounding the iPad Air, most of them concerning the transition away from being a big entry-level tablet and towards becoming a budget iPad Pro. These rumours include:

  • Stronger chipset
  • Apple Pencil 2 connectivity
  • Touch ID on the sleep/wake button

iPhone 12?

An iPhone 11 Pro on a table

Of course, the majority of people will be keeping their fingers crossed that the latest iPhone is announced next week. While Apple has been known to surprise its audience many times before, all rumours and leaks indicate that we’ll have to wait a little longer for the iPhone 12.

Most iPhones are announced at a September event, which has got some people optimistic. However, as we reported earlier this year, the impact of coronavirus on production is likely to push this year’s iPhone back by a month or two.

People in the know have suggested there is no change to the plan to announce the iPhone 12 later than usually planned. One week form the event, the insider’s money still seems to be on an October launch, meaning it may not appear at this event.

Everything You Need to Know About the iPhone 12 banner

Any Other Surprises?

With the iPhone delayed, Apple may seek to satisfy its most avid fans with the announcement and roll-out of iOS 14 at next week’s event. The unique augmented reality logo for the event may indicate a new software launch, and previous expectations have pointed to the operating system being released in mid-September.

Another product that Apple insiders have been eagerly awaiting is AirTags, which could be a surprise feature at this event. Apple AirTags is a small keychain that can interact with your phone, and potentially other users’ iPhones, working as an extension of Find My iPhone that can be attached to bags, keys and more. The Air Tags app was expected to be part of iOS14, and the ‘Time Flies’ tagline could also support the idea of this potential airport accessory being released.

Apple is known for its surprises, so we will be eagerly watching this latest event to see what happens! What are you hoping to see? Join in the conversation on our social media channels!