What Age Should Your Child Get an iPhone?

What Age Should Your Child Get an iPhone?

For every parent, there now comes a time when you will have to decide when your child is ready for their first smartphone and what that phone will be.

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Phones with limited functions can be great for younger children to have in case of emergencies, but when your child gets older, they will no doubt start asking about the smartphone experience.

iPhones can be an excellent choice for a first smartphone because they are renowned for being easy to use and have many parental controls. But how old should your child be before you start thinking about buying them one?

No matter if you’re purchasing a brand new device or a 2nd hand phone, this will take some consideration.

When is My Child Ready for an iPhone?

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The age at which your child is ready to own their own iPhone will often come down to individuality. While one child may be responsible enough for a smartphone at an earlier age, this does not mean that it’s the same case for all.

That being said, around 12 is generally thought to be a realistic age at which children are ready for smartphones in this modern world. This is around the time that they will be entering secondary school and ready to take on more personal responsibilities.

The Responsibilities of Owning an iPhone

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Owning a smartphone comes with a lot of responsibility. You are not only responsible for an oftentimes expensive device, but you are also responsible when it comes to how you use it and conduct yourself in the digital spaces that are accessed through phones.

Rather than basing your decision on age alone, it can often be beneficial to think about whether your child is ready for these responsibilities.

Talking about these responsibilities with your child also opens the door to broader conversations about technology. Ask them why they want an iPhone and what they will be using it for to help determine if they are really ready for one.

Which iPhone Should I Buy?

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If your child is at an age where buying them an iPhone is possible, you will also need to think about which model is best for them.

iPhones are not known for being the cheapest smartphones on the market, especially when it comes to new releases. However, there are still plenty of options for those looking for a budget device that’s appropriate for their child.

The iPhone SE is praised as Apple’s budget phone and can be a great option for children and parents looking for the iPhone experience without having to stretch the budget too far.

Reconditioned iPhones can also be a great option in this instance. Here at Second-Hand Phones, we have a range of quality iPhones for great prices that would make excellent options for a first smartphone!

Many parents don’t take the decision to get their child an iPhone lightly. However, with all the available parental controls and a variety of budget options to choose from, getting your child their first iPhone doesn’t have to be daunting!

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