Are Refurbished Phones Better Value Than New Devices?

Are Refurbished Phones Better Value Than New Devices?

Upgrading your phone or levelling up to a new device can be an exciting time, but does brand new always mean better? Can buying second-hand give you a better deal?

Swapping your old phone for a brand-new handset can set you back hundreds of pounds depending on the model you choose. This option certainly isn’t always the best for your wallet! Refurbished phones can offer virtually the same experience as a new device at a much lower cost, giving you better value for money.

Here, we ask whether a 2nd hand phone provides a better deal than opting for a brand-new device and how you could benefit from expanding your options.

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What is a Refurbished Phone?

A refurbished phone is not the same as a regular used device that you may find being sold by individual sellers on places like eBay.

Before buying blindly, it’s important to know what to expect when it comes to second-hand phones. Essentially, a refurbished phone is a device that has been returned by the original owner to be resold.

Before being sold on to another user, the phone will be repaired and thoroughly cleaned to return it to the best possible condition.

Buying from a reputable seller that offers a legitimate warranty and guarantees quality ensures that you are getting a genuine refurbished device. Such a seller, like Second-Hand Phones, is often the best place to source a used device rather than relying on individuals that will not be able to ensure the same level of testing and refurbishment.

The Condition of Refurbished Phones

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In some cases, the condition of a refurbished phone will be the same as a brand-new device. Many refurbished devices are returned after minimal or no use because of a particular fault that is easily fixed by the manufacturer or a refurbishment professional.

Refurbished devices also come from users who have changed their mind and decided the phone is not for them through no fault of the phone itself. This gives savvy buyers the opportunity to get a quality phone for a great price simply by virtue of it being preowned. This can mean you are essentially getting a new device for a lower price.

However, not all refurbished phones will be in perfect cosmetic condition. Many second-hand phones will have been used, and this use can sometimes be visible. These phones will be perfectly operational but may show signs of wear.

It is important to note that all devices from genuine sellers that are classed as refurbished will work perfectly even if they do have physical signs of use; you should never be paying for a phone that has operational issues.

Grades are used to indicate the kind of condition the phone is in. Grade descriptions may differ between sellers, so make sure you understand exactly what you are buying before committing to a purchase.

The condition of a phone will usually span from something akin to ‘as new’ to a fully functioning device with multiple signs of wear, including scratches. The price of the phone will be reflective of what condition you can expect, with more visibly-worn phones being at a reduced cost.

When looking for a refurbished phone, ensure that a clear description and grade is assigned to the device. This will help you understand what you are paying for and will make sure you know what to expect upon arrival.

Are Refurbished Phones Good Value for Money?

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As previously hinted, one of the main benefits for choosing a professionally-reconditioned mobile phone is that it will cost you far less than something brand new.

Refurbished phones have been repaired, cleaned, and tested professionally, which means you can be sure they are in complete working order. Their functionality is not compromised because they have been pre-owned. If you are willing to purchase a device with a couple of scratches or minimal scuffs and are only concerned with how well your phone performs, you open the door to some far better deals.

With a refurbished phone, you are getting the same smartphone experience without needing to delve as far into your wallet!

So, absolutely, we think refurbished devices can offer better value providing you choose to buy from a reputable seller that promotes genuine reconditioned phones that are in perfect working order!

Are Refurbished Phones Better Than Brand New Devices?

With frequent new releases, the second-hand market is full of up-to-date phones that are traded in when users upgrade to the latest release. For the savvy shopper, this means that there are plenty of quality devices available that will ensure you’re not missing out on the latest trends.

Potential downsides of going down the refurbished route include having to wait a little longer for the most recent top models, but this is often not a particularly big hurdle to overcome as many are happy to wait or choose a slightly earlier model if it leads to considerable savings.

Here at Second-Hand Phones, we stock a wide range of top brands and models to ensure you get the best smartphone experience for less.

Have we convinced you that refurbished phones offer excellent value for money when compared to a brand-new device?

Browse our range of used devices here at Second-Hand Phones to find your next phone for a great price.

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