How to Spring Clean Your Devices

How to Spring Clean Your Devices

Even the most conscientious cleaners among us can overlook our devices when it comes to ensuring that they are clean both inside and out.

As an essential part of many of our daily lives, our smartphones go through a lot. How often do you clean your phone, ensuring it isn’t such a hub for physical dirt or software clutter?

For most of us the answer is probably not as often as we should. So, take this as your sign to do a bit of spring cleaning for all your devices to make sure they are clean outside and in, giving you a germ and lag-free experience!

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Remove Old Photos

Before physically cleaning your phone, take a bit of time to delete or transfer old photos and videos to give you back a bit of storage space.

Many of us will take photos and forget about them, keeping miscellaneous media on our phone for no real reason.

Clearing out old images that you don’t want or need can be a simple way to declutter your device and boost its performance if it’s becoming slow or storage is becoming scarce.

You can use Cloud services to easily transfer images off your phone and store them somewhere outside of your device.

Take Stock of Your Current Apps

Someone holding an iPhone with the home screen apps on display

Before you know it, your phone can often become bogged down in apps you use once or twice before they are forgotten about completely.

Try to be more mindful of the apps you have and be ruthless when cutting out the ones you don’t use. Again, clearing out unused apps can go a long way when helping to declutter your devices, retain battery life more effectively and prevent lagging.

Often, we will have multiple apps that perform the same function, so try to consolidate your existing apps and remove the defunct ones.

Once you have removed any apps that are cluttering your phone, you can also organise the remaining ones to give a smoother user experience. Putting them into folders will stop all that endless swiping!

Review Settings

A phone screen displaying an array of settings

As you take stock of the contents of your phone, you should also review your setting options to ensure that nothing you don’t want to be activated has been activated without your knowledge.

Things like location tracking can be a big drain on battery and are largely irrelevant in most cases.

You will be able to access things like this in your phone’s settings, so take a moment to look through any setting options to see if your phone is running things in the background unnecessarily.

Update Your Phone

If you’re prone to putting off updates for your device, take this chance as you spring clean to finally update your phone.

Updates to the software and operating system give your phone access to the latest security features and bug fixes, ensuring that it is running at peak performance.

Updating your devices is an essential part of taking care of your phone, especially if it is a little older and needs a bit of additional consideration, so make sure to keep on top of new updates.

Clean Your Device’s Ports

Two phones with various ports visible

When you have taken care of the inside of your phone, it is time to ensure the outside is just as clean!

Over time, your phone’s charging and headphone ports can become clogged with dust or other dirt, which can make them inefficient and hinder your smartphone experience.

When cleaning these areas with any method, you will need to be careful so as not to disrupt any of the inner workings.

One method is to use a can of compressed air, as blowing air into the ports can dislodge any dirt. Using compressed air is a better choice than simply blowing into it as air from your mouth will contain moisture which could damage the delicate internal connectors.

If you are very careful you can also use a toothpick to clean your device’s ports. You can also use a cotton swab that has been cut down to size. If choosing these methods, remain cautious as you don’t want to risk poking anything out of place!

Clean With a Microfibre Cloth

Before taking a cloth to your phone, remove the case to ensure you can reach all areas of the device. Then you can use small circular motions to polish your phone with a microfibre cloth, removing any dust, dirt or residue as you go.

Remember to pay attention to the cameras to make sure your photos come out crisp and unblurred but unwanted dirt!

Use Sanitising Wipes

A bottle of cleaning wipes

If you want to ensure there are no germs on your phone, you can also use an anti-bacterial wipe.

Many specialised sanitising wipes are available that are intended for use on phones - these are often the best kinds of wipes to opt for to make sure you don’t end up using anything too harsh on your delicate phone screen.

You should also take a wipe or two to your case, as this is often the place where your hands have the most contact.

At this point, you can also clean your headphones and any other accessories to ensure you’re starting afresh with everything!

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If you want your phone to perform at its best for as long as possible, it is well worth taking note of these tips for your spring cleaning routine.

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