Comparing the iPhone 11 Pro Max vs. Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra

Comparing the iPhone 11 Pro Max vs. Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra

The two current heavyweights in the smartphone arena are the Apple iPhone 11 Pro Max and the Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra. Even for the most demanding phone users, these devices promise to live up to expectation, offering specs that we have never seen before on smart phones.

With both phones at time of writing costing over £1000 brand new, it’s important that you ensure the device you choose suits your requirements. Take a look at the graphic below for a side by side comparison of some of the most important specifications of these two devices.


Which One is Right For You?

Although there are some clear differences between the two devices, which one you choose very much depends on your requirements.

Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra

There are some very clear benefits for picking up the S20 Ultra, namely the incredible camera setup, the increased RAM capability and for those that are in favour of the Android OS, this is one of the best you can get on that platform. One thing that we especially value about the S20 is the enlarged battery, which lasts much longer when using the standard 60Hz refresh time.

If you’re looking for more detail on the specifics of the S20 Ultra, make sure to check out our article here where we analyse what makes this one of the best smartphones on the market!

Apple iPhone 11 Pro Max

When it comes to Apple’s offering, you know that what you’re going to get is a quality product. A seamless user experience using the latest iOS, and a sharp screen response with the 120Hz refresh rate, although it doesn’t come with the option to turn this off as the Samsung does.

For users looking for a more manageable device, the slightly smaller build of the iPhone may be preferred, especially for those with smaller hands as reaching across the S20 Ultra can be tricky. As expected, the devices comes with Apple’s signature features such as Siri, access to Apple TV and Apple Music and the straight forward interface Apple users have come to know and love.

Currently, we’re still awaiting stock of the Samsung S20 Ultra, but we do have a range of iPhone 11 Max Pro devices along with a selection of other refurbished iPhones for sale. Also, make sure to check out our blog for new articles on the latest devices and all you need to know about smartphones!