The Best New Camera Filter Apps

The Best New Camera Filter Apps

These days, anyone can take up photography if they have a decent smartphone. Even the least-advanced smartphones on the market will have a very reasonable camera that can help you along on the journey to taking some brilliant pictures.

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Filter apps are a staple for smartphone photographers and can make great photos even better, but with so many available, it can be tricky to know where to start. Here, we explore some of our favourite camera filter apps for 2021 to help boost your photo game!

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Dazz Cam

This app is great for fans of the 80s retro film aesthetic, as it has a plethora of filters that give your photos a hazy, dream-like quality.

The 3D Reto photo filter is especially popular as it gives the slightly blurred effect reminiscent of old-school Reto cameras.

There are plenty of filters and effects to explore here that’ll get your creativity flowing! Filters can also be added to videos through this app.


Similar to Dazz Cam, Filmroll takes inspiration from grainy vintage film. Touted as a pocket vintage camera, this app offers thirteen free filters that are based on old roll film cameras, some of which have been discontinued.

These filters can add rich colour and texture to your photos, taking them to a new level.

Gudak Cam

Continuing the trend towards old film cameras, Gudak is an imaginative app that prevents you from seeing previews of your photo as you take them. You can only access your photos three days after you have taken them as you wait for them to ‘develop’ on your phone.

The app also adds film photography effects to your photos with blurred focus, light leaks and over-saturated colours to add to the illusion of old developed film.


This is a photo editor and filter app of professional calibre, giving you the opportunity to edit portrait photos with ease while getting high-quality results.

Filters can be adjusted and customised, allowing you to fine-tune colours, light levels and textures on your photos.

With an abundance of tools and filters, Snapseed has got everything you need from a camera filter app all in one place!

A Color Story

With over 100 adjustable filters, this app really delivers! A Color Story focuses on invigorating photos and making colours pop. The filters here clean-up your image, making it fresher and more vibrant.

With 40 motion effects, you can also add unique elements to your photos, including lens flares, bokeh and glowing effects.

A Color Story also facilitates additional editing tools like blemish removal and transparency adjustment.

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