Tips on How to Make Your Phone Battery Last

Tips on How to Make Your Phone Battery Last

Make your battery last longer

One of the ever increasing problems with new smartphone technology is that it is very demanding on your battery, below you can find a few tips on how to make your battery last a bit longer between charges.

  • Decrease the brightness settings on your phone.
  • If your not using WI-FI, Bluetooth, GPS and 3G then turn them off.
  • Turn vibrate off as the motor uses excess battery.
  • Disable key tones.
  • Whilst charging set your phone flight mode it will charge a lot quicker.

Most Mobile phones also have options such as;

  • Flight mode – turns all connectivity off which enables you to save on battery power but only use this feature if you intend on not making or receiving calls.
  • Battery saver mode – some Phones come with the option to turn your battery saver mode on this automatically turns some services off and changes some settings to preserve battery life.

To find where these features are on your mobile device please visit our user manuals page.

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