The first Blackberry handset was released in 1999 with more mainstream models coming to the market in early 2003 specifically designed for securely sending and receiving email on the move. The term "Blackberry" is definitely fruit related - the keys on early models were said to resemble fruit seeds - but there was also a fair amount of marketing genius involved in the decision making process

Designed originally for the corporate and business market, Blackberry have enjoyed huge success within these sectors for the majority of the noughties whilst also creating a loyal consumer following with their revolutionary BBM Messenger service. Unfortunately Blackberry have failed to retain their customer strong hold with stiff competition from other manufacturers such as Apple, Samsung and HTC however they still have many loyal fans worldwide and we still sell thousands of Blackberry handsets every month at Second-Hand

Whilst we rarely see many of the very first Blackberry Smartphones now we do stock the majority of the main stream handsets right up to the latest releases and we would certainly recommend a quality used Blackberry as a fantastic solution if you are looking for a robust and capable smartphone that is easy to use for email, text and calls with great battery life.

Many of the Blackberry handset have a full QWERTY keypad so if you prefer the option of typing on a keypad rather than a touch screen Blackberry could be a great option.