Second Hand, Refurbished Sony Xperia Miro's

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Our Selection of Second Hand, Refurbished Xperia Miro's

The Sony Xperia Miro has a slightly smaller display than other phones on the market with a 3.5-inch display, but this makes it brilliant for portability and it sits in your hand comfortably.

The screen is scratch resistant and also features an anti-reflective coating. You can capture excellent photos and videos with the 5MP camera and this features LED flash so you can take great photos even in the dark.

For a small phone, it packs plenty of power and runs at great speed because it uses the Qualcomm MSM7225A Snapdragon S1 processor.

It has 4GB of internal storage and this can be extended by using a MicroSD card which can offer an extra 32GB.

There is a choice of four different colours;

  • Black
  • Pink
  • White & Silver
  • White & Gold

This means you can pick the one that is suited to you. 

About Our Refurbished / Unlocked Xperia Miro's

Purchasing a previously used device is a brilliant way to save money, and here at Second-Hand Phones, you can be assured that the high-quality standard remains.

All of our devices undergo a thorough quality control programme, which has been developed over many years, to ensure they are in the best condition they can be.

12 Month Warranty

Our grading system clearly defines the internal performance and external appearance of all of our devices; this can allow you to choose the perfect phone for you easily.