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Our Selection of Second Hand, Refurbished LG Nexus 5X's

The Nexus line has always showcased the of best features of Android phones, and the Nexus 5X is no different. 

This is a great durable phone in the mid-range market, and the Nexus 5X smart device will instantly appeal to anyone who has previously owned the Nexus 4 or Nexus 5.

The Nexus 5X brings pure Android 6.0 and has the native Nexus Imprint fingerprint sensor for unlocking the device with among other features. 

The dual flash, 12-megapixel camera is excellent, and you can expect to enjoy a fast-functioning phone thanks to the 6-core processor, and generous battery life.

16GB of internal storage allows you plenty of space to keep music, photos, video and more. Overall, the Nexus 5X is a reliable phone with lots of appeal.

About Our Refurbished / Unlocked LG Nexus 5X's

Here at Second-Hand Phones, we run all our devices through our thorough quality control programme to ensure you know exactly what you’re getting.

From phone performance to cosmetic condition, we evaluate all our devices to ensure we give them the most accurate grade possible. That way, you can purchase your next phone with the utmost confidence.

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