Spares & Repairs

At Second-Hand Phones.Com we sell 1000’s of handsets every month and from time to time some of the units we purchase fail our quality control process and rather than repair these units in-house, we auction them off through eBay without any reserve because we simply do not have enough time to carry out the repairs ourselves.

We cannot control the buyers that purchase our ‘For Parts Not Working’ handsets but we do strongly advise that anyone who is thinking of purchasing one of these units only does so if they have the necessary experience and expertise to repair the handset or dismantle it to utilise the parts.
During our testing process, once a fault is found, the testing process is stopped and the fault is noted on the checkplan of the handset and this is the information displayed in our listings. Occasionally there may be further faults with the handset, however our ethos is “why continue testing a faulty handset?”, so with this in mind, please understand that by purchasing this handset, you are accepting and assuming all responsibility for any further faults found and that the handset may only serve useful for parts.

Please note that we have not attempted to repair this handset, it has simply failed our quality control testing and in some instances these faults will be easily repairable but regrettably occasionally the unit will only serve useful for parts.

To view the faulty handsets currently available please CLICK HERE to be redirected to the faulty auction section of our ebay store, please note that if no items are available it is certainly worthwhile checking back on a daily basis as stock is constantly being uploaded.


Terms & Conditions

We accept returns within 14 days from date of purchase but only, and strictly, in the event that the item is in exactly the same condition it was sent and only if no attempt has been made to repair it. In the event that an item is returned where a repair has been attempted and failed or parts are missing or have been swapped we will action a claim via eBay and reduce/cancel any refund.

We apologise if this seems harsh but we have had previous instances where further damage has been caused by buyers who do not have the experience to carry out the repair or where the unit has been harvested for parts and just sent back to us, as a result we have been advised by eBay to place this disclaimer on our listing.

Please note, each and every handset is security marked to combat fraudulent returns.